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Build Your Skills.
Training available by appointment

Available Monday thru Saturday

In Person LTC class - includes lunch, qualifier

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  TX LTC  

Texas License to Carry a Handgun 

Online LTC class - online, your speed

Range Qualifier - required after online course

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USCCA Training

 Full Length Classes - 

Self Defense Firearm Basics

Basic Handgun Course

Mini Classes - smaller segments of full classes

Protector Academy Qualifiers



 ammo availability and pricing are subject to change
all sales are final / no returns / must be 21 years old to purchase ammo 

Prepare for the Legal Fight

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Self Defense


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Self Defense



At Precision Shooting of Texas

we believe in your 2nd Amendment rights

Whether you own firearms for defense or sport, we  provide the tools to help you build the right skill sets and attitude to be the prepared yet RESPONSIBLE gun owner. 

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