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Hello Guardians,

As most of you are aware, Ernie has recently purchased land North of Smyer, TX. 

He has graciously made this land available for us to use as a training facility for the Security Team.  This will be a much better location and setup than what we have currently been using.  For 1 thing, it is about 10 minutes closer than going out to Lorenzo.  Secondly, the berm is much larger and simply put, a MUCH safer location as well as better suited for multiple training setups.

I, as well as others on the team, am going to be helping him coordinate, design, build the range and design range rules and protocols to ensure it is safe and appropriate for what we need.


At this point, Ernie has rented a large loader and installed what is the first section of a large backdrop (a berm about 10-12' tall, 100' wide with approx 20' sides).  While this is a great first step, it is just a first step.  I am going to ask those who can help out with this, since it is going to benefit the Safety team more than anyone else, to help with this if and when you have time, $, supplies, tools or abilities to contribute. 

We may have specific work days set aside for specific tasks, and will have lists of needs such as metal pipe, labor, welders, etc.

Step 1:  Building the initial berm for the backdrop.  This cost him $633.00 for the equipment rental.

If anyone is able to help him out with that rental, it would be greatly appreciated.

Step 2:  Install a permanent shooting line.  I want to install a line of Railroad ties along the entire front of the berm.  This means 100' long, 3 railroad ties high and will include:

          Railroad ties  (does anyone know where we can get used ones?  some contractors dispose of them and would be glad to get rid of them, they don't have to be perfect but they need to be in good condition)

          Rebar to pin the ties in place

          Good drill to drill holes in ties to drive the rebar in place

          Tubing to fasten to the back side of the RR ties for target stands

          Fasteners to fasten the tubing to the RR ties

          Furring strips for the target holders (cheap)

Step 3:  Spools for tables, barricades.  I have been given an opportunity to pick up electrical spools from someone, I need a trailer so I can go get them, Saturday maybe?  Does someone have a trailer I can borrow Saturday morning?  These are not the huge ones, but can be stacked to make up some tables, loading stations etc.

Step 4:  Install a flag pole, to signify range in use. 

Step 5:  Tubing, pipe and welder as well as pipe cutter, like a chop saw, to make more portable target stands, barricades doorways, etc. so we can set up different scenario stages such as we did on the last half of the Security Basics01 class.


There are many other things to do, but this is a good start.  Also, if anyone has ideas for a better installation process, or materials to use, please text us me your ideas.

Jerald Clay

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