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This qualification must be passed with at least a 70% score out of a possible 250 points (50 rounds, 5 possible points each round).  Either a revolver or semi-automatic handgun of any caliber may be used, as long as it is a firearm and not a simunition or air powered. (.22 and .17 cal. firearms are now allowed as long as the ammo is SAMMI approved; in other words, no reloads or home loaded ammo)

No laser sights allowed.

The target used for this session will be a standard B-27 target (pictured, below)

*Unsafe handling of the firearm is also reason for proficiency failure

                     Stage 1:     Twenty Shots fired from 3 yards  (possible 100 pts)

                                A .     One shot in 2 seconds (5X)

                                B.      Two shots in 3 seconds (5X)

                                C.      Five shots in 10 seconds


                     Stage 2:     Twenty Shots fired from 7 yards  (possible 100 pts)

                                 A .     Five shots fired in 10 seconds

                                 B.      Five shots fired in 2 stages

                                          1.      Two shots in 4 seconds

                                          2.      Three shots in 6 seconds

                                 C.      One shot in 3 seconds (5X)

                                 D.      Five shots in 15 seconds


                      Stage 3:     Ten Shots fired from 15 yards (possible 50 pts)

                                 A .     Five shots fired in two stages

                                          1.      Two shots in 6 seconds

                                          2.      Three shots in 9 seconds

                                 C.      Five shots in 15 seconds

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