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Jerald Clay


NRA Cert # 210629414

USCCA Cert # 1479634

TX LTC Cert # 02503710


  • Application Can be completed before or after LTC class

  • State Fee, $40.00 - unless fee reduction requirements met (pd with application)

  • Fingerprints $10.00 - electronic, thru Morphus by appt only.

  • LTC-100 – issued upon successful completion of LTC class, good for 2 years

To begin your state LTC application, visit:



If you have not pre-paid in full, please be 15 minutes early

Bring TX Driver’s License or TX ID, Drinks and / or snacks

Lunch provided on full day classes.  DO NOT bring guns into class


Bring to Range

Properly functioning firearm (handgun), - no caliber minimum

(Semi-auto or Revolver), no “push off” revolvers

*100 rounds New, Factory ammo (no reloads, SAAMI approved)

 (*50 rounds needed for qualifier, 50 just in case you have to re-shoot)

Ear protection, Eye Protection (prescription glasses accepted)

Hat/cap with brim, crew neck/button up shirt, Closed toe shoes / boots

Appropriate clothing for the weather

Water, sunscreen

At Range

guns must remain secured in case or bags until called on - no exceptions

Must wear eye protection at all times on range


After Class

Finish Application process and submit the required documents and fees to the state of Texas.  It will take approximately 4 – 8 weeks on average to receive your LTC in the mail if all is good

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